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Canadian History Museum

Canadian War Museum

National Gallery of Canada



Byward Market



Arbraska Laflèche:
Take fun to the highest level and discover your inner Tarzan on our unique treetop challenge games and zip lines! Fly across our huge zip-lines, and climb across balance logs, monkey cables and other unique aerial games that are sure to get your heart pumping!

Mont Cascade :
Water park with 10 slides and pool

Discover beaver habitat while browsing a water maze consisted of 60 intersections spread out over 6 km.

Ottawa Outdoors adventure

Activitées plein air Outaouais

Great Canadian Bungee et Ripride :
Highest Bungee jump in Canada

Expeditions Wakefield

Parc Aérien de Camp Fortune:
Camp Fortune features challenging aerial courses and ziplines that will test your endurance and strength. Most moderately active individuals will be able to complete this outdoor activity with ease. Scared of heights? Forget it, the fun, excitement and challenge of the obstacles take over your senses and you will forget how high up you are!

Équitation Captiva Farms:
“The real Ottawa region horseback trail riding experience.”



Canadian Tulip Festival


Golf Mont Cascades



Black Sheep Inn

A true relaxing moment

Discover a new sense of vitality, balance and well-being at our full-service wellness Spa Eau Vive. From luxurious body treatments to unwinding in our hot-tubs, the Wakefield Mill offers the perfect environment in which to escape the daily stresses of life, take a breath of fresh air and focus on yourself.